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Uniquely personalized.  That's the best way to describe the service that Simon-Pure Amish Woodworks wants to provide for you.  This isn't your typical online store. 


We love Amish furniture!  We love the way it is proudly

MADE IN AMERICA by America-loving, God -fearing Amish families.  We want you to love it too and to be completely satisfied with your order from start to finish.  All products are are made-to-order, specifically for you!  There is no mass production; there are no assembly lines, no big showrooms.


We want to be with you from start to finish.  When you add products to your cart and go to the checkout, you'll get the estimated total you will owe and a confirmation email from us. At that point we will contact our Amish builders to verify the  final price for your purchase.  We contact them directly, so if you have any questions, please note those on the checkout page note box. After that we will send you a final invoice and a link to pay securely through and to  our QuickBooks's account.

The wood work and other crafts we offer at Simon-Pure Amish Woodworks represent the passion our Amish crafters have for producing quality craft styles passed down from their Amish forefathers.   These are authentic Amish builders, often families of builders, many with their own workshops, that meticulously design and produce these works of art.    

Our Amish builders also express their own vision of beauty in their unique designs.  You'll see this in tastefully simple works of art found on this site, as well as in the modern touches added to make furniture versatile in our ever-changing world.

We hope that you enjoy browsing the beautifully designed works within Simon-Pure Amish Woodworks and that you'll find something special that you can make your next family heirloom.    

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Linda & Charles

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