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Woodworking... the art of cutting, sanding, carving, turning, bending, joining and finishing natural wood pieces to create something useful, beautiful and totally unique.


For the Amish, this is part of their culture, steeped in tradition. They are raised to use their hands to work hard, give nothing less than the best and to believe that all they need to sustain home and family is found in nature's bounties.  Parents pass on skills and trades that survive generation after generation.

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Amish families often live in close proximity to other family members who work with them to complete their woodworking projects.  Many families in their community work together offering different aspects of production.  And some families have built  complete workshop production facilities on their farms.  ​

And that is why we created Simon-Pure Amish WoodworksIt's pure, authentic, genuine Amish products from start to finish.  No factories, assembly lines or mass production.

Our delivery service is even from an Amish-owned business. 

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