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The wood work and other crafts we offer at Simon-Pure Amish Woodworks represent the passion our Amish crafters have for producing quality craft styles passed down from their Amish forefathers.   These are authentic Amish builders, often families of builders, many with their own workshops, that meticulously design and produce these works of art.    

Our Amish builders also express their own vision of beauty in their unique designs.  You'll see this in tastefully simple works of art found on this site, as well as in the modern touches added to make furniture versatile in our ever-changing world. 

  They have carefully considered our changing world and have incorporated modern technology into some of their furniture pieces, such as USB 

outlets, concealed compartments and retractible electronic lifts.  

You'll see this craftmanship in all of our products

and a variety in our bedroom products. 


Bedside Flowers
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